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Debtalks is now
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This is your official welcome to Uncomfortable the Podcast! Formally, DebTalks, we are back with a bigger, bolder, beautiful rebranded website and content.

The premise is the same as the DebTalks podcast episodes – taboo/uncomfortable topics that most of us don’t like to talk about! Listen to our quick 5 minute update episode and you’ll get an insight into the types of topics that we are hoping to chat about.

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Host: Debbie Roche



About This Episode

Debbie here, host of our new rebranded podcast: Uncomfortable. Comfortable conversations around uncomfortable topics.

This little 5-minute episode that you are listening to right now is just a quick update on the new rebranded podcast and what you can expect!

As you know, we were previously DebTalks the Podcast. I had to take a little bit of a break and rebrand because I wasn’t quite feeling that Debtalks reflected exactly what I had in mind. So after about 1-1.5yrs of a break – I’m back with a stronger and more authentic vision!

Debtalks was similar. The premise was to have conversations around taboo/uncomfortable topics that most of us tend to avoid having. Things that we can’t even talk to our friends, family or loved ones about.

We all have different challenges that we need to overcome but I what I’ve noticed, not only around other people, but I include myself in this – we tend to put on a bit of a persona, a pretence that everything in our lives is perfect. Social media has made this much worse. I look at everyone’s perfectly curated Instagram profiles – and they are beautiful – a work of art – and it looks like they have their shit together. But then when I go and talk to them, it turns out that they are going through some troubling times. Whether it’s a divorce, or PTSD or they just had a miscarriage or they have severe depression – there is something completely different happening at the other side of that Instagram feed.

So folks. Let’s talk about it.

The premise of this podcast is to talk about our discomforts, our uncomfortable zones, our issues, our dilemmas or even the secrets we have held onto but we need to now let go of.

Topics we plan to chat about are: Deciding to change your gender, The Male Vulnerability problem, periods, hormones and dating and how they are related, why women don’t orgasm, how to move forward after a sexual assault, dealing with the stigma of being a recovering addict, having a family member in prison, having kids – is it a joy or a regret?

Of course I’d love to hear your topic ideas!

We are planning our launch for January 2019 but we need your help to do that! Head over to uncomfortable.blog (our new website) and make sure to contact us with your topic ideas that you would like to hear or if you have a particular taboo or uncomfortable story that you would like to share – then send us some info and we might even have you on the podcast.

On our website, we will also have a donate button so that you can help us raise enough funds to keep the podcast running. We don’t need much – just enough to cover the creation of the podcast. Feel free to donate whatever you can.

The goal is to have very comfortable and safe conversations around these so-called uncomfortable topics. Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments section below each episode on it’s webpage or over on our social media channels! But remember – please keep it respectful!

Thanks so much for sticking around on this journey with me. If you haven’t already, go back and listen to the 4 amazing Debtalks episodes that were recorded a while back. We’ll be keeping those episodes on here because they are so awesome! If you loved them – then you’ll love what’s to come. Just make sure to subscribe to Uncomfortable the podcast over on iTunes and leave us a review. You can also sign up to our mailing list over on uncomfortable.blog, that way you’ll never miss an episode!

I’m really excited and honoured to be having these conversations with you. Stay tuned for our official re-launch in January 2019 and remember to check us out over on uncomfortable.blog.


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