Episode 28

Igniting Your Sensuality

In this episode we chat with Lisa & Paula from TrufElle about igniting your sensuality. TrufElle is a movement that provides the tools through chocolates, resources, network connections and events to facilitate the awakening of your inner desires and sexuality.

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Host: Debbie Roche

Guests: Lisa & Paula of TrufElle


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About Our Guests

TrufElle is a movement that provides the tools through chocolates, resources, net-work connections and events to facilitate the awakening of your inner desires and sexuality.

Lisa met her husband while still in high school. After 25 years she was well aware that she needed to find ways to keep the passion exciting in her marriage. She started to experiment with cannabis and chocolate as aphrodisiacs. And the results…..well I leave that to Lisa to talk about in the episode!

Paula was fortunate enough to be the guinea pig that helped Lisa perfect her delicious TrufElle chocolates. After experiencing the benefits of TrufElle these two ladies also became inspired to learn more about and share in the discussions of sensuality.

I hope that you enjoy our conversation but as always there is some adult language so when listening, it’s recommended that you pop your headphones on!

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Episode 28 Show Notes


Feel free to connect with TrufElle over on social media:

Instagram @desiretrufelle
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Find out more about TrufElle and check out their upcoming events by visiting www.trufelle.com.

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